The World According To
Busty Idol & Friends

£6.99 (+£2.75 UK postage and packaging)

Busty Idol, DecisionMarketing’s very own intrepid gossip girl, has been waxing lyrical about the good, the bad and the very ugly of the direct, digital and data industry ever since her Uncle Ivan first let her loose on the marketing world.

Her weekly column has become a must-read for thousands of our readers. Now, here for the first time, we are giving you the chance to have your very own copy of her musings in book form.

Volume One features over 126 pages and nearly 60 columns, including the notorious agency cocaine bust, the truth about the recent Tesco pitch and the birth of the now infamous ‘Busty Bonus’… all for just £6.99 (+P&P).

It is, in Busty’s own words, simply the best book of the year and an offer you can’t refuse. Just click on the ‘Buy Now’ link below for your very own signed copy…

Please allow ten days for delivery.


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