Bernie in the driving seat? Best place for him…

busty idolDid you hear the one about the exciting trade show and conference? Nope, and nor did I, but I do wish someone would tell those poor souls over at Marketing Week Live.
My inbox is literally groaning with emails telling me how enthralling it’s all going to be, I’ve even had one urging me to share my “excitement” for the event on Facebook and LinkedIn. The words bleedin’ and desperate spring to mind.
Still, rumour has it that for those of you who do get all of a quiver about such matters, MW Live has dropped its trousers completely and you will now be able to get in for nothing if you ask nicely. But please do try to contain yourself.
I must admit even I nearly went to Advertising Week Europe, this week. What little gems would adland come up with, I wondered. More importantly, for a girl who is always looking for a new man, would there be anyone worth pulling?
Enter Bernie Ecclestone, worth a cool $4.2bn at the last count. On paper, he’s just the sort of man who’s supposed to make us girls weak at the knees. After all, he’s got mansions in every part of the world, he’s hardly ever at home due to work commitments and he doesn’t seem to mind splashing the cash on those obnoxious kids of his – surely, little ol’ Busty is a shoe-in?
What’s not to like, I hear you ask. Sadly quite a lot it appears; this is a man who seems to hate most things apart from himself, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and even Hitler (if you believe everything you read).
Quite why they even gave him the time of day is a little beyond me, to be honest. OK, he may be loaded and one of the most powerful men in sport, but scratch the surface and what have you got?
Another short arse with a big gob – and the ad industry has plenty of those already…
Mind you, I must admit I’m struggling to be outraged by his assertion that female drivers would not be taken seriously in Formula 1 because they are not physically able to drive a car fast.
I mean, who gives a shit? Let the men do the driving – I’ll even buy them a booster seat if they can’t reach the pedals – as let’s face it, us girls were born to be driven…


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