Bribery and corruption? Surely not

It is said that some agencies are so desperate to get coverage in the marketing press that they will stoop to any measure to ensure they curry favour. Of course, back in the day, lunch at The Ivy would have been sufficient, although there have been tales of agencies offering journos top of the range motors, tickets to concerts, football and rugby, and even, heaven forbid, a week in Cannes in June.
Apparently on one trade rag, the editor’s partner runs his own PR agency and, it is alleged, he tells his clients that a quick whisper in the ear over the pillow in the morning can secure a front page splash by lunchtime.
And, would you believe, it is even claimed that creative directors have been known to design wedding invitations and arrange for them to be printed too. (Shame on you Mark, although no doubt all that work you did on Cillit Bang came in handy.)
Mind you, it is not all one way traffic, as one former DM correspondent claimed to have shagged at least four DM agency heads “with their name above the door”. Poor, poor girl, what was she thinking?
Of course, if you ask me, this is all outrageous, scurrilous gossip m’lord, although if anyone out there would like to bung me a few quid in a brown paper bag I’ll put in a word so you can get a big story on this site.
Someone else who might soon be looking for a bit of cash is Gary “the hair” Sharpen, having departed WDMP this week to pursue “new interests”. Poor old Gary hasn’t had the best of luck, and is genuinely one of the nice guys. So, all the best mate – I’m sure something will turn up soon. Apparently there’s an agency called An Abundance which is still looking for a creative partner after Shaun Moran allegedly turned them down…

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