Caveman and the missing millions

You have to feel for Mike Cavers. Hmm, now I admit that’s possibly not a nice vision for some, but this is no Andy Gray “tuck this in, luv” moment, and for once I genuinely find myself feeling for him.
So, you may ask, what has brought on this outpouring of sympathy for the self-styled Captain Caveman?
Well, I’ll give you a clue. In fact, I’ll give you fourteen and a half million of them, because that’s the amount of money his former agency – Chemistry Group – has just been sold for.
You may recall Mike left Chemistry a while back, having grown tired of waiting for the long-awaited sell-off to rejoin his old Publicis chum Simon Marshall at The Marketing Store. At the time, it is alleged he told anyone who cared to listen “they’ll never sell”, giving up his shares into the bargain.
Never mind mate, at least you’ve got the inside track on the next Happy Meal toy…
Someone who knows all about the route to happiness is Chris Catchpole, who has just landed a six-month contract at Tribal DDB in Amsterdam. Apparently he gets to go home at weekends, although whether he’ll have the energy to do so is another matter.
Not that I am suggesting that Steve Stretton’s favourite direct marketing cousin will be frequenting the red light district – heaven forbid – I mean, it’s very tiring walking round the Van Gogh Museum every day…
Let’s just hope he’s not staying at the Marriott Amsterdam because the hotel chain has just announced it is banning adult entertainment from all its rooms. Jesus, what will all those business travellers do with themselves now? Admittedly that won’t be a problem in Amsterdam but everywhere you turn these days the world is conspiring against us blokes.
I mean, we can’t even have a pop at a woman linesman these days without getting the sack…

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