Foxy returns with slightly more than she bargained for

foxy 414Well, you might be pleased to know that I survived the long weekend back in Bolton with the parents, although after three days of stuffing my face I am actually quite pleased to be back on the South Coast.
Now it is said that man has lived on the moors around Bolton for many thousands of years; more recently though it seems that they’ve been living inside Ye Olde Pasty Shop on Churchgate.
And it was there that I met up with my new business lead and Busty’s old flame, Steve Wonkey of the Three-legged Donkey Sanctuary, who revealed he was looking to ramp the charity’s content marketing strategy.
Not that I have a great deal of experience of Equus africanus asinus, but I sure have dated an ass or two. Hee-haw.
Mind you, it was a hard, hard night. Clients these days seem to be so demanding. The Lytham Blondes flowed, so too the Old Man Ale but eventually I think I managed to crack his brief.
But now I find myself with more than a few extra pounds to shed with just over a month to go until the awards season kicks off, and it will take some radical action if am going to squeeze into that Little Black Number which has been hanging in my wardrobe for the past 12 months.
You men just don’t know how lucky you are; all you have to do is buy a waistcoat and stuff all that bulk inside. Bah.
At least I am not alone. According to one study, more than half of all women go on a diet before Christmas, rising to almost two-thirds of those aged between 25 and 34.
Apparently Cardiff is the Christmas dieting capital of the UK, where eight out of ten women try to shed pounds before they party. Hmm, if the last time I visited the Welsh capital is anything to go by, they might just need a little bit more than a month…


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