Foxy reveals another thing marketers aren’t good at…

foxy 414Pummelled, battered, lashed, flogged, thrashed, whipped, crushed, smacked and pounded. No, not Storm Ciarán, just another week in the Decision Marketing Nerve Centre as my esteemed bosses wreak havoc with the Christmas Lunch Calendar (yes, it’s the same joke but with a slightly different punchline).

I wouldn’t mind, but they have only had one lunch so far and that lasted all week; they even tried to blame the weather for not turning up to work this morning. Anyone would think they were having an affair the way they carry on.

But no, dear Foxy fans, I can “exclusively” reveal that is about as likely as me finding a new job, according to new research by Rant Casino (no, I hadn’t heard of them either but time is tight and I need something to fill this space sharpish).

Apparently it is people who work in sales who are the top love rats, with a 14.5% confessing to having a spot of extra-marital in the workplace.

As the study points out: “Often with irregular working hours and numerous work functions or networking events to attend, this places the industry at the forefront as a prime breeding ground for infidelity.”

Meanwhile, another survey has revealed that nearly a third of first kisses between colleagues occur at the office Christmas party (chance would be a fine thing).

And, with the sales sector being impartial to the notorious annual Christmas party, Rant Casino’s survey found that one in five who admitted to cheating (21.2% respondents) said that the affair flourished at workplace gatherings or events.

Following closely with 13.7% guilty of cheating on their significant other, the second most common cheaters are in education – professors, teachers and lecturers. Detention anyone?

In third place are healthcare workers, with 12.5% owning up to having cheated with a colleague. Plagued by long and unpredictable hours, overnight emergency shifts, and paramount stress, health professionals may seek solace with someone who is in the same field and understands their daily struggles, according to this drivel anyway.

A quarter of respondents admitted to flirting with a colleague, and roughly half of that amount (15.1%) owned up to having further developed romantic feelings. Additionally, nearly 13% confessed to having a ‘work wife’ or ‘work husband’, who they are more prone to confide in than their actual partners.

All of which might make you wonder where marketers come in the Love Rats Championship. Nowhere apparently. Not. A. Single. Mention.

In fact, there is no chance of anyone reading this ever getting pummelled, battered, lashed, flogged, thrashed, whipped, crushed, smacked or pounded with a colleague – but we can but dream…

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