No wrong in slap and Shickle

I have to ask, what’s all this fuss about that there MEC resignation email? Now, to be fair, I usually wait for the first day at work to give my new boss a Busty Bonus – well, I like to ensure I make a good first impression – but a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do to get a job.
Not that I am for one minute suggesting that Greg Shickle – or should we call him Mr Tickle – took Shawna Beaudet back to the office and shagged her senseless over his desk. Oh no, heaven forbid.
But I suppose he does have a certain reputation to maintain as ‘head of performance’.
Maybe the accuser – Kieran Allen – held a torch for her himself, only to see it unceremoniously stubbed out by her love for the boss. Who knows? But I do feel slightly sorry for their PR agency – Eulogy, I believe. I mean, even the undoubted Gaelic charms of the smooth-talking Adrian ‘Blarney Stone’ Brady are unlikely to patch this one up.
Then again, it worked for the DMA when Panorama had a pop at the industry. In fact Eulogy even picked up an award for it. If they manage to get this one under the carpet the slippery slight man from Sligo will deserve a knighthood.
The funny thing is, Shawna has tried so very hard to clear her name, but in the Daily Mail of all places? Looking every part the ‘innocent’, she told them: “I didn’t sleep with him. I kissed him. It was possibly slightly inappropriate. It was a kiss in the foyer whilst waiting for taxis. We were both single at the time.”
Now that’s what I call sloppy. Maybe if she’d given him the full works she would’ve ended up being an account director instead of just an account manager. One thing’s for certain, though, the next time she goes for a job interview her prospective boss will be looking for a hand-job at the very least…
Talking of which, I am now officially on the market again after my secret agency millionaire got rumbled by his missus. Apparently he called out my name when they were in the middle of their wedding anniversary nuptials. He probably would’ve got away with it but yelling “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Busty” raised her suspicions as she’s not exactly blessed in that department.
I wonder if they’ve got any fit men in the MEC performance department?

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