The agencies which might’ve been

Another week, another agency launch – don’t these guys realise there’s a recession on? Anyway, good luck to all at ‘Now’. Call me old-fashioned but I would never have predicted that a member of the aristocracy and old Etonian would name his agency after a trashy gossip magazine, which is more at home showing Britney’s shaved private parts than it is holding forth on the state of GDP.
And I’m not too sure the guys at Cheltenham-based marketing agency Now Media will be too chuffed either, especially as they have been going for over a decade. Don’t be too surprised if the legal letters follow soon John.
But the fact that they have shunned the classic “name above the doors” branding (just what is wrong with Townshend Warren Lund?) got me thinking about the agencies we might have seen, had some of the industry’s finest got together.
Imagine for moment if Chris Whitson, Matt Atkinson, Steve Stretton and Steve Harrison had got together; we could have seen the launch of WASH, which would have been rather fitting given Mr Harrison’s penchant for the taps.
And if John Watson, Phil Andrews, Colin Lloyd, Colin Lloyd again (well he is very wealthy), John Eversley (well he’s not that well-off but he follows Watson wherever he goes) and Ian Taylor joined forces, they could form WALLET. And you would need a big wallet to hold all of their cash…
Meanwhile, what if Chris Ward, Simon Andrews, Marc Nohr, Paul Kitcatt, David Evans, Xavier Rees and Philip Slade got together? Admittedly that is a little far-fetched, but we would have had an agency called WANKERS. And, quite by coincidence, many of them are too!
Finally, a little word of advice to whichever agency handles the Kwik-Fit mailing account. First of all, well done for sending me a letter to remind me that the MOT on my clapped out old banger is due to expire (I’d like to say it is a classic car, but I’m not too sure Fiat Puntos fall into that category). Even better, they have got an offer on at the moment so I can book it for only £35. But, and this is a massive ‘but’…YOU FORGOT TO PUT THE BLOODY PHONE NUMBER ON IT! D’oh…

(Got anything you’re dying to get off your chest? Email me, discretion guaranteed!

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