Why Busty’s blowing hot and cold

BustyWell, having managed to put most of you off cycling for life – the threat of the third testicle (or biker’s nodule) appears to have put paid to most people’s Tour de France ambitions – this week I have been facing a new threat; how the hell to avoid that “ALS ice bucket challenge” which seems to have taken the world by storm.
Everywhere you look there are people pouring buckets over their heads and then nominating others to follow. Now, there are plenty of people in the DM world I would pay to see doused in ice but that’s another story.
To be fair, I don’t mind a bit of ice in sex play, although, as you can imagine, it does take quite a lot of cubes to satisfy my 38DDs. No, I’m with Barrack Obama on this one. If you donate, you don’t have to do it…I’m sure my fiver will go a long way – it’ll also save me from having to do my hair again.
Meanwhile, over in Teddington they are really trying to give a lift to another of the elements, wind. Every time I visit the Campaign Live website – which, of course, is very rarely, boss – I keep getting a pop-up ad urging me to take a free trial of…drum roll…Windpower Monthly.
According to the blurb, “it is the leading news magazine of the international wind energy business, publishing non-stop since 1985. Fiercely protective of its independent status, the magazine provides balanced quality information on wind power and only wind power.”
I felt almost duty bound to check it out…only to find the lead story was about Donald “Trump”, followed by the headlines “Strong wind showing for China” and “The Windpower Top 30”. Whatever next, an analysis by Johnny Fartpants?
Now I’ve seen some strange subscription marketing campaigns in my time, but do Haymarket chiefs really think there is a big crossover in readership between the windpower industry and adland?
I know most people in the ad industry have plenty of verbal flatulence, but that really is very desperate…

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