Why nothing but a massive plug will suffice this week

foxy 414Another week, another survey about the Covid “new normal” lands. What is it this time? We hear you ask… More evidence of the online shopping boom? Not quite. Further proof of the new caring, sharing tree-hugging society? Nope.

OK, how about fresh data that, like Carey and Boris, we think John Lewis is so “yesterday” and have spent TWO HUNDRED GRAND on gold wallpaper and designer chic on a refurb of McKelvey’s front room? Definitely not.

No, dear Foxy fans, it is a new survey conducted by the UK’s “leading sex toy shop” Peaches & Screams, which claims to shed new light on how sex habits have changed during the pandemic. (Fair enough, as you know, I do love a sex survey).

So, it seems Covid has affected almost all aspects of our lives, and sex is no exception. Three-quarters of a bulging 20,000 sample of customers said they have been using sex toys more during the pandemic. (To be honest, there has been sod-all else to do.)

But since communication is more challenging than ever, two-thirds revealed they had used an app-controlled sex toy with their partner. When it comes to the choice of the sex toy, most prefer a vibrator (45%), butt plug (30%) or a dildo (25%). (What? No Doc Johnson Fist, 13½ inches of Sil-A-Gel presented in an attractive cream flesh colour, which is rigid but comfortable and flexible? Getoutahere.)

Still, onwards and upwards and apparently solo-play has also become far more popular. In fact, half of the people surveyed said they masturbate “a few times” a week, while a third revealed they do it on a daily basis. When looking for a vibrator, consumers pay attention to the brand, quality, low noise and power. And, according to the survey, people are willing to pay for their pleasure as the price is the least essential aspect of their choice.

Peaches & Screams sex and relationship advisor Katie Lasso – sorry Kate Lasson – is not surprised by the results as she says people are feeling lonely, and some are separated from their loved ones, so it makes sense that sex toy sales are spurting hard.

But, of course, our Katie isn’t finished there. She gushes: “It’s crucial for people to take care of their sexual needs and nowadays there are so many great options that can make solo-play or sex a lot more pleasurable, and people should not be afraid to use them.

“Feeling good about your sexuality is an important part of our well-being. Sex and sexual stimulation are uniquely personal, private and intimate things. While everyone enjoys sexual stimulation, the truth about pleasure is it can sometimes be difficult to achieve alone without some additional objects, otherwise known as sex toys.”

Good job then that Peaches & Screams is a “leading online adult sex shop” located in the UK, offering over 5,000 sex toys and sexy lingerie products. New sex toys and lingerie pieces are added almost on a daily basis, which means that you will always find something new and exciting every time you come back, apparently.

And, of course, I have worn all mine out over Lockdown 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, so c’mon, any chance of a few freebies for your massive plug, Peaches & Screams?

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