23red unveils first work promoting maternity rights

23red maternity23red has launched its first work for the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC) with by unveiling a video and social campaign to promote workplace maternity rights for young expectant mothers.
Research by the EHRC and The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) found that a quarter of mothers under 25 reported experiencing a negative impact on their health and stress levels (10% more than the average of 15% ). This revealed the need for a change to fight pregnancy discrimination and support young mothers to be in the workplace, leading to the appointment of 23red in March.
The campaign is a short video featuring four vlogger mums from parenting YouTube community Channel Mum, who talk about their experiences. They cover a range of issues such as when to tell your boss, your right to reasonable time off for antenatal classes and your employer’s duty to ensure your working environment is risk and stress free.
The video will be featured as “hero content” on Channel Mum. It will also be promoted via a social campaign through the vloggers’ social channels, inviting people to take part in the conversation using #PowerToTheBump.
23red head of strategy Jo Arden said: “We knew the core concept for this campaign needed to be simple, empowering and positive. It needed to reach and engage young mothers and offer honest advice. There is still a stigma around young expectant mothers and they can sometimes feel embarrassed or uninformed about their rights; this video aims to change the way they feel about their pregnancy and empower women to get the support they need from employers to allow them to have a happy, stress-free pregnancy.”
The campaign is part of a wider initiative focusing on pregnancy discrimination for the EHRC which is being rolled out over 2016.

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