Annoying, irrelevant ads driving ad-block take-up

Start-up vies to skirt ad blockersMarketers may be lamenting the rise of ad-blockers but it appears they only have themselves to blame as most people install the software for the simple reason that they find too many digital ads annoying or irrelevant.
That is according to a new study by Global Web Index, based on over 22,000 people who have already downloaded an ad filter.
The good news – relatively speaking – is that only a quarter who are blocking ads do so because they dislike ads which are based on their browsing history.
Meanwhile, for just over a third, it is nothing personal – they avoid ads where ever they consume media, whether online or on the TV. And a similar number have installed an ad-blocker because they believe online ads compromise their privacy.
For its part, the IAB UK has been trying to cajole clients into embracing a less invasive, lighter ad experience and has developed the L.E.A.N (Light, Encrypted, Ad-choice supported and Non-invasive) advertising principles.
However, if the Global Web Index research is to be believed, it is the sheer volume of ads which is the real issue.

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