ASA rejects Tena Man ad ban

tena manThe Advertising Standards Authority has rejected calls to ban a responsive radio ad for Tena Men incontinence pants, after fears that it could discourage men from seeking treatment for symptoms that could lead to a more serious problem.
The SCA Hygiene radio ad featured a group of men, who confessed to stereotypically ‘unmanly’ behaviour. The voice-over then stated “If we men were more honest with each other, we might discover that one in nine of us experience bladder weakness. We would also discover, designed specifically to be discreet and to fit the male physique. It may be hard to talk about, but it’s easy to do something about … ”
When challenged by the ASA, SCA said it recognised male bladder weakness could be part of a serious condition and that it had donated some money to a prostate cancer charity. It said the ad was designed to raise awareness of the condition and try to help remove the embarrassment associated with having bladder weakness as well as to encourage more men to seek medical advice.
SCA said as a result of one wave of the radio advertising, over 7,000 people had visited their website to learn more about the condition. It said the site included a section on men’s health, with advice on where to seek further help.
After investigating the ad under BCAP Code rule 11.3 (Medicines, medical devices, treatments and health), the ASA did not find it in breach and rejected the complaint.

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