ASA takes on behavioural ads

New rules for online behavioural ads are coming into force today – to be policed by the Advertising Standards Authority – which will see severe sanctions for those not displaying an opt-out option.
The new rules mean that the public need to be provided with notice of – and control over – targeted ads and require ad networks delivering the ads to make clear they are doing so.
The Committee of Advertising Practice, which has ultimate responsibility for the new rules, says it would take a progressive approach to policing.
Companies face three possible sanctions: the ASA could notify the ad network’s other clients of its non-compliance; it could remove the trading seal of approval that signifies compliance with the EU Industry Framework, and finally it could rescind its licence to use the single European icon to provide notice. This would make it virtually impossible for the ad network to continue to offer OBA.
The Information Commissioner remains responsible for looking into complaints about the issue of consent – around the placement of cookies on a computer’s web browser.
ASA chief executive Guy Parker said: “The new rules will provide greater awareness of and control over behavioural ads, demystifying how advertisers deliver more relevant ads to us and allowing those of us who object to say ‘stop’. We’ll be there to make sure that the ad networks stick to the rules.”

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