Aviva shifts blame as staffer is found guilty of data theft

Aviva hires first global insight chiefA former Aviva employee has been handed a two-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to stealing confidential customer information from the company’s third party care team database and then selling it.
Tracey Miller claimed she was approached by a man after work and was offered cash in exchange for contact details from Aviva’s files. The man used the information for fraudulent claims.
She has also been ordered to pay £4,500 compensation for receiving a bribe and supplying confidential data.
Detective sergeant Matt Hussey of the City of London Police said: “Miller abused her position of trust within her organisation and instead of doing the right thing and alerting her employer about being approached by a fraudster, she instead greedily decided to set-up a deal with him.
“By working closely with Aviva and their investigations team, we have been able to ensure that Miller has been brought to justice and that she will be very unlikely to ever be able to work in the insurance industry again.”
However, Aviva has claimed the rise of the personal injury claims culture is to blame for Miller’s misdemeanors. In a statement, it said: “Until the financial incentives at the heart of the injury claims process are removed, consumers and their insurers will continue to be targets for those who seek to profit from accident claims.”

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