Bate steps aside at Verso data agency after launch

bateData chief Graham Bate – brought in by his former boss Jeremy Whitaker to spearhead Verso’s major push into the market with the launch of a new data agency – has left his day to day role at the business just two months after launch.
At the time, former McDowall Media boss Bate (pictured), claimed Breathe Consultancy would to deliver “the evolutionary pinnacle of strategic, target driven, volume data”.
Bate said: “What we have done is amalgamate the best in technology with more than 50 years’ experience in the data sector to establish the feel of the old fashioned listening data broker, but topped it up with very considerable added value software.
“We will have failed in our mission if we do not keep clients for at least an average of two years.”
However, eight weeks in and Bate will now concentrate of a new lead-generation start-up, called Green Button. The firm offers bespoke campaigns, using UK call centres, offshore call centre partners and its online network.
A spokesman for Verso insisted it was always the plan for Bate to step aside once the venture was up and running and added that a new boss of Breathe would be announced in the next few weeks.
Bate, who worked with Whitaker at DLG, was unavailable for comment but it is understood he will continue to work with Verso but on more of a consultancy basis.
Whitaker stepped aside as chairman of the business in September for the forseeable future due to a family matter.
Verso claims Breathe’s bespoke processing system guarantees all data is 100% compliant, deduplicated, validated and fit for purpose. The technology provides ongoing measurement and tracking analysis ensuring continuous results over long periods.

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