Betfair boosts its customer insight

betfair boosts customer insightBetfair is aiming to build a complete “digital picture” of each of its customers by implementing a new data analysis system to boost the customer experience and combat fraud.
Sphonic’s Workflow Manager solution will allow Betfair to combine data from a variety of sources for unparalleled visibility over their user base. Betfair piloted the scheme during the World Cup, and continues to collaborate with Betfair across a range of anti-fraud prevention measures.
Betfair head of registrations, payments and fraud Phillip Rivers said. “We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, and Sphonic’s integrated, real-time approach to big data ensures the needs of our growing user base will be met both now and in the future.”
The Sphonic system extracts the big data, derived from the third-party vendors’ technologies, and then transforms it into significant, relevant data to provide a more intuitive, approach to customer identity risk management and authentication.
Sphonic chief executive Riten Gohil commented: “As a leading online gaming operator, Betfair takes a responsible approach to fraud and customer verification and yet is keen to ensure the customer experience is as frictionless as possible.
“This is an important philosophy at Sphonic, with years of collective experience in the digital risk management space which has led to our approach.”
Betfair recently witnessed a 400% growth in revenue after implementing real-time decision-making software on its website to personalise content to each user.

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