Betting site slapped down by ASA for sexual tweet

bet at homeA gambling website has thought it was a good idea to link sexual success to betting has had its knuckles rapped after featuring an image of a woman undressing to promote bets on a Liverpool football match.
The tweet for Malta-based site depicted the woman peeling off her trousers to reveal a pair of pants which were emblazoned with the text “if you can read this it’s your lucky day”.
The image has already run in Malta, but the UK Advertising Standards Authority takes a dim view of such imagery and challenged the firm to explain why it had been used in this country.
In response, the company claimed it had been tweeted by an associate based in Croatia, and was only supposed to be seen in Malta – although it admitted that this was virtually impossible, given the geo-targeting of the website.
In its ruling, the ASA said: “We considered that including the image of a woman pulling her trousers down and the text on her underwear stating ‘If you can read this it’s your lucky day’ linked gambling with sexual success. We therefore concluded that the ad breached the Code.”

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