Boffins cook up Bake Off formula

Boffins cook up Bake Off formula.jpg newIf you want to know who is likely to win BBC’s Great British Bake Off this summer without having to plough through countless episodes – or if you simply fancy a flutter – look no further.
As self-confessed Bake Off fans, the team at Marketing Metrix have been slaving away over a hot computer to develop an algorithm to predict the types of contestants most likely to reach the final, namely the finalist forecasting formula.
With series six set to kick off on Wednesday August 5, the formula shows mothers aged 30 to 40 and retired women with a passion for pastry have an over 90% chance of reaching the final, when compared to other contestant types.
Boffins cook up Bake Off formula.jpg new graphicWhereas if you are a young working male residing in the South East of England with a preference for baking biscuits, the odds are against you. And it may be best to keep that application form at the back of the cupboard… behind the hundreds and thousands… underneath the rolling pin.
In terms of region, those from Yorkshire and the Humber or the North West of England tend to have the edge, while residents of the South East fall at the soggy bottom of the pile. Candidates who are in full-time employment or completely self-taught are also at a disadvantage, with their lack of free time and grandma’s secret recipe proving very detrimental.
This year’s contestants have been run through the formula and ranked in order of their likelihood of reaching the final. With Nadiya, Flora and Sandy at the top of the class, it looks like there is a strong possibility for another all-female final circa series 4.
For real Bake Off fans, Marketing Metrix has set up a competition so you can see how you would fare on the show. Visit the website to see if you could be a potential winner >
Boffins cook up Bake Off formula.jpg graphic

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