‘Delivered by RM’ letters hit homes

The first mailings carrying Royal Mail’s new controversial “delivered by” insignia are starting to land on doormats, just weeks after getting the go-ahead from regulator Ofcom.
The move, which has irked many direct mailers, was delayed nearly eight months following a mass protest.
All post handled by TNT Post and UK Mail already carries their branding, even though Royal Mail posties actually deliver the items in the so-called final mile. The Royal Mail stamp will now sit alongside rivals’ logos.
The change could take up to six months to complete to enable old stocks of stationery to be used up.
Most of the 15 billion letters and parcels carried by the business every year will carry the new slogan, but not those which are hand-sorted.
On hearing the news that the logo had been approved, DMA chief of operations Mike Lordan said: “Royal Mail’s decision to start stamping the mail it delivers may well appeal to the postmen that deliver it, but the DMA members we’ve spoken to – Royal Mail’s customers – are not happy about the prospect.
“Royal Mail does not own the envelopes that it delivers, so it’s hard to understand what right it believes it has to stamp its own marketing message on a medium that is not its property. If Royal Mail wants to market itself to householders by telling them who delivered their mail, then it should find another means of doing so.”

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