Drunk shoppers ‘splurge £5.2bn’

Nearly half of all UK shoppers have bought Christmas presents while drunk, according to a new study, which claims they will have spent £5.2bn under the influence, with £2bn of that online.
According to the research, from shopping comparison site Kelkoo, of those who bought while sozzled, 19% did not remember until the next day, 9% only found out while checking their bank balance, 4% received the item as a surprise in the post and 3% only remembered when a friend contacted them to say thank you. But only 4% sent their item straight back once received.
Consignments received following a post-alcohol Internet shopping session have included a wooden carving of a Harley-Davidson motorbike and a boat. More likely, however, is that previously unplanned clothes, shoes, DVDs, books and video games are ordered.
Kelkoo chief marketing officer Chris Simpson said: “Online shopping has become a daily part of Brits’ lives and people are taking advantage of being able to shop at any time of the day, whether at home in bed, on the move, or in bars and restaurants.
“Our research shows that while people shopping under the influence of alcohol could spell good news for those on the receiving end of gifts, we’d always advise shoppers to think carefully when making purchases and remember that they are able to use retailers’ returns policies if they realise afterwards that they’ve purchased unwanted items.”

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