Dry January? Bah, reach for the lube girls, says Durex

durexThere is more joy of sex for those who admire Durex’s spunk with a new campaign by Havas London, which aims to prove some straplines stay harder for longer by reprising the brand’s “Ladies, Let’s Lube” call to action, slipping in a cheeky nod to “Dry January” to boot.

The activity, featuring press, social media and outdoor, revisits the maxim, which was first aired in a TV ad last year from Fleabag and Killing Eve director Harry Bradbeer.

Designed to celebrate women who refuse to suffer in silence between the sheets and to de-stigmatise female sexual discomfort, the ultimate aim is of course to unlock better sex for everyone.

The latest campaign simply poses the question “Dry Jan?” alongside a bottle of Durex Naturals Intimate Gel and the Ladies, Let’s Lube call to action.

According to the official blurb: “Discomfort during sex is a familiar feeling for many women, but few talk about it and less than 50% actually do something about it.

“That means that more than half of women are putting up with uncomfortable sex – despite the fact that women naturally feel a bit drier ‘down there’ for two-thirds of their cycle. In fact, nine out of ten women who use lube say that sex feels better.”

Quite naturally, Durex is hoping that the sisterhood will “reach for the lube” on those drier days.

Havas London creative Kate Lloyd said: “As part of Durex’s ongoing mission to normalize lube and help end uncomfortable sex, we thought we’d encourage people to get over any New Year blues with a little lube. While millions of Britons sign up to dry January, we want to remind them that sometimes it’s better to be wetter.”

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