Facebook accused of scare tactics

facebook 1Facebook has been accused of scaremongering to get its users to sign up to a new ID fraud-busting service, which it is claimed mimics a rogue software attack.
The social networking site has begun testing new account protection features via an ad in the side panel which reads: “Your account protection is very low – increase protection”.
Clicking on the ad leads to a page on Facebook that urges users to submit a second email address and a phone number. In some cases it also asks users to change their security question.
The phone number is requested even if users have previously deleted this information from their profile, making it appear like a push to get users to add their phone numbers on the basis that this will speed account recovery if something goes wrong.
Gmail recently introduced a similar procedure for webmail account recovery, but it is the “Your account protection is very low – increase protection” wording that appears to have set off alarm bells.
The unofficial Facebook blog, All Facebook, reported the roll-out of the “improved” account protection approach last week, but its report concentrated on the “change of security question” issue.
Facebook was unavailable for comment as DecisionMarketing went to press.

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