Ikea overhauls loyalty mailshots

Ikea is revamping the welcome programme for new members of its loyalty scheme – Ikea Family – with a new mailing strategy which boosts segmentation and apes a ‘flatpack’ design, synonymous with the retail brand.
The initiaitive, devised by Lida, is designed to show that Ikea understands its customers’ different home furnishing needs, and has a range of products and services available to support their requirements.
Designed as a flatpack, the creative unravels to reveal the programme’s benefits gradually. In order to make the long-term experience more relevant to customers, customers are asked, ‘Which area is next on your home to-do list?’ – they can choose from dining, kitchen, bathroom and so on. Subsequent communications will be tailored according to their choices.
Members will also receive new emails – the first being three days after sign up and then seven days after that. The first welcomes them, offering 100 Ikea tea-lights as a gift – with the creative featuring ‘welcome’ spelt out in tealights – along with a printable temporary card. The second email is one from a range developed to cater to each cardholder’s interests – offering room sets and snippets of insight for each area of the home.
Continuing the flatpack theme, the new welcome mailing is centred around ‘more’ – more benefits, inspiration and access. The bespoke letter enclosing the permanent card is designed to be longer than the average A4 format and the concertina approach physically demonstrates ‘more’ benefits as it is unfolded. On the reverse, a series of top ten pointers shows how to maximise the Ikea shopping experience. Also included is a coupon to redeem the tealights in exchange for your email address (unless already supplied).
Ikea relationship marketing manager Markus Weichselbaumer said: “We are ready to give our members a programme that is more personally relevant to their needs, more inspiring and of course has lots of nice surprises along the way as you’d expect from the brand. Lida has created an intuitive Ikea Family welcome programme which caters to each cardholder’s needs and feels instinctively Ikea.”
Lida creative director Nicky Bullard added: “The welcome programme is packed full of Ikea-ness, from the fun ‘flatpack’ application form to the tealights as a welcome gift. And, at every point, we are building on the message that as an Ikea Family member, you get that little bit more.”
Launched in the UK in 2006, Ikea Family offers customers the opportunity to receive more access, inspiration and insight into the retail chain. It offers members-only prices on a selected range of products, special offers and exclusive events and content.
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