Lloyds Pharmacy pushes ‘new you’

Lloyds Pharmacy is kicking off 2012 with a campaign encouraging people to ‘leave the old you behind’ and visit their local branch for help and guidance towards starting a healthier lifestyle.
Created by marketing agency TDA, the aim is to communicate an upbeat, positive message about good health, positioning Lloydspharmacy as the place to go to start the New Year on a high note.
Smoking cessation and vitamins, minerals and supplements will be the core focus of activity during January. Press ads communicate that Lloydspharmacy can play an active role in helping people achieve better health, with practical advice, personal support and good value, high quality products.
Activity will include press ads in national newspapers and glossy magazines as well as point of sale promotion. Additional point of sale and customer communications will promote Lloyds Pharmacy’s distribution of the Department of Health ‘Quit Kit’, available in-store and online.
Lloyds Pharmacy head of brand and marketing communications Peter Wilton said: “Quitters using our Stop Smoking Service are four times more likely to succeed, thanks to the combination of one-to-one support and nicotine replacement products. And when it comes to vitamins, minerals and supplements we can help people find the best products for specific conditions – from lethargy to bone and joint problems. Nobody else on the high street has the blend of time and expertise that we do. These two elements are crucial in helping people achieve their health goals.”

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