Mail no longer ‘scourge of nation’

Direct mail is no longer officially the scourge of the nation – or even Daily Mail readers – with a new survey revealing the humble mailshot has been usurped by self-service checkouts, bad driving and cold callers as the bain of modern life.
The industry has been fighting a rear-guard action against populist consumer surveys – which claim people loathe direct mail – for years. Even BBC One’s Panorama has attacked the business.
However, countless studies have proved that the public actually welcomes mailings. And, according to a survey carried out last year by OnePost, nearly 80% of consumers want to continue to receive direct mail. Skoda’s classic ‘live with the badge’ mailing (pictured) by AIS London is just one example of the creativity of the medium.
The new poll, compiled for computer maker Ordissimo, asked 700 adults what riled them the most. Self-service checkouts were way out in front, with 34% rating them the worst. Almost a quarter (24%) said bad driving drove them to distraction, while cold calling received 18% of the vote. Direct mail – or junk mail as the study insists on calling it – came fourth with 14%. Computer malfunctions brought up the rear on 8%.
Many of the respondents cited the audio prompts at the checkout, including ‘unexpected item in bagging area’, as the reason for their choice.
One comment on the Daily Mail website said: “I boycotted Tesco and use Lidl instead. Others must have done the same, cos Tesco has now started putting people on the tills again. Vote with your feet people! Junk mail is easy to stop.”
Another added: “I have once been forced to try to use one of those multiple-job-taking machines, would not accept points card or cash! Will never use one again. I used to work at Sainsbury’s, if I wanted to go back now, there is no chance in h*ll with those things there. At a time when this country is desperate for jobs, what do all the big retailers do? Buy expensive and useless machines while not replacing staff. Brilliant idea. Not.”

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