Microsoft in U-turn on data tracking

Windows-10-Wallpaper-hdMicrosoft has performed a major U-turn over the controversial privacy settings featured in its Windows 10 software by allowing businesses to opt out of having their telemetry data – including anonymous device ID, device type and data from application crashes.
The changes, which will only be available on devices running Windows 10 Enterprise, will be introduced in an update in the coming weeks.
Windows 10 was launched at the end of July, and is one of the most advanced software upgrades in recent years. However, it has come under fire as many of its tracking and data analytical elements come as default; users have to go in to the system to unclick them.
The current program shares two different kinds of data with Microsoft: personalisation data that helps tailor users’ experiences and telemetry data that helps Microsoft see how the operating system is being used.
Until now, users can only turn off the personalisation data gathering; Windows 10 still provides Microsoft with telemetry data.
The company has defended this approach, insisting that this information has been key to solving problems with the operating system and other applications, but it will now add an opt-out for telemetry data.
In addition to the forthcoming changes, Microsoft has also released guides for users to help them better understand how to control the different privacy settings that are available in the operating system, whether on a business or individual level.

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