Odds stacked against Coral ‘Cash Out My Bet’, ASA rules

coral interactiveCoral Interactive’s “Cash Out My Bet” service – which claims to allow sports punters to easily collect their winnings before a game has even ended – has been revealed as a farce following a ruling against a TV ad promoting the service.
The spot, co-starring long-term brand ambassador and glamour model Carly Baker, launched in 2015 but it was not until late last year that two punters who tried to “cash out” their bets were told they were not eligible.
They duly complained to the Advertising Standards Authority, to challenge whether the ad was misleading.
Coral is no stranger to ASA investigations, having had six rulings against it in the past year alone. And it attempted to play down the latest complaints by claiming that, under its terms and conditions (hidden somewhere on its website), it had flagged up “inevitable and uncontrollable circumstances which might prevent the feature from being available” and that it “reserved the right to amend, suspend or remove Cash Out My Bet availability at any time on any market or to any customer”.
However, as the ASA noted, this was about as clear as mud during the TV ad, with only small text on the bottom of the screen stating “Terms at coral.co.uk”.
Banning the ad from running again in its current form, the watchdog stated: “Because the ad gave a misleading impression regarding the availability of the ‘Cash Out’ feature, and because it did not make clear that the ‘Cash Out’ offer would be suspended or removed under certain circumstances, and that it was only available for certain types of bet selections in some sports markets, we concluded that the ad was misleading.”

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