Online group fights to save NHS

Members of the online pressure group which claimed victory in overturning the sell-off of Britain’s forests have voted to fight the proposed shake-up of the NHS.
According to 38 Degrees, “right now, the Government is trying to rush through changes to our health service which could spell the end of the NHS as we know it: services broken up and private healthcare companies brought in. Meanwhile, a funding squeeze means wards are closing and doctors and nurses are being laid off.
“Together, we can stop this and save our health service for future generations. We proved that a huge petition can help make the government back down – that’s how we started to turn the tide to save England’s forests. Now, we need to do the same again to save our NHS.”
Urging its 500,000-strong membership to join the petition at, the group plans to deliver the first batch of its petition to key Coalition MPs next week.
The group said: “Just like with the forest sell-off, no one voted for wards to be closed and private companies to be brought in. David Cameron always told us that the NHS was “safe in his hands”. But now, the Government is pushing through extreme changes relying on support from right-wing hardliners and private health companies.
“Every one of us has been touched by the NHS. It’s there at the start and end of most of our lives. It’s something we can rely on to care for us and the people we love. It isn’t perfect, but it is worth standing up for – and now, we need to stand up for it, or we could lose it forever.”
Since being set up at the end of last year, 38 Degrees has fought the forests sell-off, stopped a giant US-style cow factory farm being built in the UK, and prevented billionaire Donald Trump from evicting local people from their homes to make way for a luxury golf course. It is also planning to run a series of “Artful Dodger” tax ads in newspapers on Budget Day.

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