Posters ‘better than online, press’

Posters 'better than online, press'Out-of-home media – or posters in “real money”- are more trusted than online and press ads, according to a new study, which suggests the rise of digital interaction via smartphones is boosting their popularity.
It may not come as too much of a surprise to find that the research was carried out by FEPE International, an association representing out-of-home specialist agencies and media owners.
It found that 24% of consumers rated posters as the most trusted medium, second only to TV, at 28%, and ahead of press, at 22%. Of the four media covered in the study, online was regarded with the highest cynicism, with only 3% of consumers rating it the most trustworthy medium. OOH scored highly for memorability, too, with 34% of consumers considering outdoor ads to be the best-remembered. Again only TV came higher, at 46%, while press scored 7% and online came at the bottom of the chart with 4%.
Consumers consistently expressed strong interest in being able to interact with out-of-home, via phones or touchscreens, and in customised content. However, they also seemed dissatisfied with many poster creative executions, saying that “most are plain or boring” and “billboards must have something more to draw the attention of the public”.
FEPE International executive director John Ellery said: “We’re all aware of the power of TV and the growth of online advertising. But this shows that out-of-home is a major force in the digital age as it is so highly valued by consumers.
“The growth of digital outdoor and NFC technology that allows consumers to interact with digital posters will only accelerate this trend.”
Future Foundation surveyed a thousand consumers in each of the UK, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa, aged 18-64 and living and working in the largest cities.

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