Pulse unveils Renault Bizu drive

Renault is launching an integrated campaign for the limited edition Bizu, around the concept of ‘Grab the moment’, by tapping into the retail moments of January sales and Valentine’s Day.
Devised by Pulse Group, the dealer marketing push leads with striking Warhol-inspired lip motifs which were designed to drive association with the ‘Bizu’ name which originates from ‘Bisou’, the French word for kiss, and to engage a wide audience profile, who share a passion for life.
The campaign was developed to drive emotional engagement and to encourage prospects to act now (during January month of sales) based upon their car purchase motivation of value, and the entry level model range’s supporting price point.
Pulse Group has developed a suite of POS, advertising and outreach communications for the dealer network to exploit as part of their communications programme, as well as an engaging promotional microsite for test drive redemption.
The creative which uses vibrant multiple-coloured backgrounds will be displayed in Renault showrooms across the country and were designed to make an impact in the sober winter months and to appeal to those with joie de vivre.
Pulse Group chief executive Mike Spicer said: “Pulse Group has been working with Renault for over 12 years, and we are thrilled to be involved in another creative dealer campaign launch, for this new range. The creative is striking and our strategy of tapping into retail occasions of January sales and Valentine’s in February, give us a notable talking point with prospects. We anticipate this will once again drive huge interest into the showrooms resulting in target sales.”
Declan Brosnan of Renault commented: “Pulse Group was the natural choice for the launch of our limited edition Bizu model range. Their extensive experience of integrated dealer marketing campaigns and consistently high standards of creativity and executional delivery, is both reassuring and refreshing. They never fail to deliver.”

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