RBS accused of falsifying data

RBS accused of falsifying dataRoyal Bank of Scotland Group is facing a major investigation over its data practices after being accused of falsifying customer information, and potentially breaching data protection laws.
According to a report in The Times, the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Financial Conduct Authority are aware of the claims, which centre around the alleged editing of customer emails, call transcripts and how it presented its ‘central file’ record of correspondence.
The allegations were made earlier this month by Andy Keats, who is a director of a company which helps small businesses with commercial disputes, SBCB. He also just so happens to be an RBS customer.
Keats, who has accused the bank of causing the failure of his business, claims to have uncovered discrepancies, which he alleges show that customer data have been “falsified to suit RBS”.
He compared his personal records with those provided to him by the bank after he exercised his legal right to demand copies of data that the bank held on him.
Keats’ records appear to show that RBS deleted individual words, sentences and paragraphs and changed punctuation marks from correspondence without any acknowledgement that edits had been made.
RBS told the newspaper that it “takes its obligations under the Data Protection Act very seriously at all times” but did not comment on the claims.

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