REaD Group flags up top-level exits

Senior management-level contacts that have recently left their FTSE 500 employers are to be flagged up in a new scheme which is being launched by The REaD Group.
Dubbed ‘The Management Changes File’, the service is designed to tackle the issue of increased B2B data decay, which occurs during periods of recession as a result of redundancies and internal restructuring.
Tailored to the needs of B2B marketers and sales teams, the file updates only senior management moves, the level at which sales engagement actually happens.
Head of B2B at The REaD Group Marc Stares said: “While consumer-facing businesses may experience a general drop in sales and revenue owing to the volatility of the market, their consumer data is largely unaffected.
“In contrast, the immediate knock-on effect for companies in the B2B space is a decline in the quality and accuracy of their data, because of increased redundancies or internal restructuring. This slows down sales and marketing teams and affects the bottom line.”
He added: “Appending business demographics and key variables to the database will give you a greater understanding of your customers and a basis upon which to find more.”

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