Royal Mail stalls post-mark launch

Royal Mail has been forced to delay plans to introduce a “delivered by the Royal Mail” stamp across all advertising mail after a mass complaint by DMA members was sent to Postcomm.
The move was branded a “storm in a tea-cup” by some creative directors, and former DMA postal affairs chief David Robottom claimed it would only affect business if it was introduced to downstream access, pointing out that the likes of TNT already used a similar scheme.
Originally scheduled to launch in September, Royal Mail has now emailed its business customers to state that it was “taking additional time” to consider the proposal, although has not said anything about withdrawing it altogether.
The DMA had accused Royal Mail of failing to consult with its customers and, in response, organised a mass petition to Postcomm from its membership. Head of postal and environmental affairs Alex Walsh, has welcomed the delay to the scheme.
He said: “It gives us more breathing space to continue the fight to establish the principle that Royal Mail shouldn’t add anything to their customers’ mail that isn’t strictly required for operational reasons.
“We have no problem with the concept, providing it’s only done with the full agreement of their customers. We’re pleased that our actions have had a positive effect and that Royal Mail has responded to industry concerns.”

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Post-mark row ‘storm in tea-cup’

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