Saucy Playboy truck hauled up

Playboy TV has been reprimanded by the ad watchdog after it toured the country with a lorry featuring images of models in provocative poses – including one dressed as a busty policewoman – after ruling it was likely to cause widespread offence.
One side of the lorry featured four models, while on the back there was an image of a woman wearing stockings, high heels and a latex bodice. The front of the cab featured an image of a woman exposing her bum. It featured the call to action: “Retune your Freeview box to get us!”
The Advertising Standards Authority started an investigation after just a single complaint from a member of the public who challenged whether the images were overtly sexual and therefore unsuitable for display on a lorry.
In response, Playboy claimed the images were cheeky rather than sexual and there was no descriptive text which brought undue attention to the nature of the service.
It argued that the images fell within generally accepted standards, backing this by up by saying despite local and national press attention, only the one person had complained. It believed the images were comparable to similar print ads.
But it was the untargeted nature of the ad which ultimately condemned it, said the ASA, as it had the potential to be seen by a large number of people who were likely to find the images of scantily clad women in overtly sexual and provocative poses, offensive.
Banning the ad, the ASA ruled: “Because the pictures were overtly sexual and could be seen by anyone including children they were likely to cause serious and widespread offence and were irresponsible.”

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