Softly, softly catchy meerkat as VCCP Me nets brief

compare-the-meerkat-_82253aVCCP Me has finally managed to get its hands on a slice of Comparethemarket’s direct marketing business, nearly a decade after sister ad agency VCCP first started working on the account.
VCCP has held the price comparison site’s ad account since 2007, although it was not until 2009 that the agency created its long-running meerkat campaign.
VCCP Me, which was launched as Stephens Francis Whitson in January 2005 but rebranded in 2012, has been trying to secure Comparethemarket activity for years. However, it is understood that there was some issue with long-standing client More Th>n, which it is thought viewed the comparison site as a potential client conflict.
Comparethemarket divided up its DM business in 2013, handing the creative side of the account to Lida and the customer data account to Rapp.
Lida was in charge of all customer marketing, while Rapp’s data division – previously Identex – was briefed to manage all the data to support the communications strategy. It is not known if this relationship has been affected by the move.
However, it has been reported that Lida is still working with the company on a strategic level but the rest of the account has been split between VCCP Me and in-house teams.

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