Unicef rushes out Syrian appeal

Unicef’s direct marketing agency Watson Phillips Norman has rushed into action to create a DTRV campaign fronted by Ewan McGregor to aid Syrian children – from brief to on-air in just nine days.
The human aid charity needed a fast-turnaround after witnessing the freezing conditions being suffered by Syrian children, who have fled the violence but are now marooned in floded refugee camps.
Conditions in the camp are fast becoming critical, as the region suffers its worst winter in decades. Many of the children have nothing but the clothes they escaped in, often thin summer gear.
Unicef tasked WPN to devise a DRTV push to raise urgent funds for warm winter blankets, which cost just £3. The agency started with a brief, an outline script from the client and new footage.
Within days, it had edited the footage, added a voiceover by McGregor – a Unicef ambassador – recorded in a studio in Los Angeles, and gained fast-track approval from Clearcast. MC&C then got the media planned and booked, and the ad is airing this week.
WPN fundraising director Gail Cookson said: “It’s so much more than just a fast production job. It could provide vital funds for children in desperate need.”
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