Waitrose kicks off Easter mailing

Waitrose is launching an Easter direct marketing campaign for myWaitrose members this week, featuring personalised wine recommendations – as well as other offers – based on customer behaviour.
The campaign, devised by Kitcatt Nohr Digitas, is the first major piece of communication myWaitrose members have received since the expansion of the loyalty scheme and the introduction of a myWaitrose card in October 2011.
Kitcatt Nohr Digitas has created a digitally-printed, Easter-themed direct mail piece. The mailpack’s outer features an image of the new Heston from Waitrose Earl Grey & Mandarin Hot Cross Buns which feature in Waitrose’s current Easter TV campaign, and carries the line “A little Easter something…especially for you”.
Inside the pack are personalised wine recommendations. Members who have purchased wine when using their myWaitrose card will receive recommendations for three bottles of wine which Waitrose’s wine experts feel they might like, based on their previous purchases.
Inside the mailpack are personalised vouchers, based on the recipient’s shopping behaviour. Recipients are also invited to complete a short survey on their wine preferences, to enable Waitrose to provide more tailored wine content and offers in the future.
The more customers shop with Waitrose using their myWaitrose card, the more offers, competitions and ideas they receive, and the more tailored the offers become. The card offers a broad range of benefits, including the opportunity to win free shopping, and other money-saving offers.
Waitrose marketing manager, CRM, Neil Stead said: “Since the launch of our myWaitrose card, we have been learning more about the food and drink our customers love. This campaign is the first step towards us providing more tailored content and offers to myWaitrose members based on this learning. The more our members use their card, the more rewarding our communications with them will become.”

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