We can screw Virgin Media for billions, claims law firm

Virgin media2An ambulance chasing law firm, which has just joined the hunt for disgruntled Virgin Media customers affected by the recent data breach, has claimed that the TV, phone and broadband business could be forced to pay up to £4.5bn in compensation.

Last week, Decision Marketing reported that a group called Data Leak Lawyers was calling on the 900,000 Virgin Media customers affected by the firm’s data breach to join a legal action, even if they had not suffered any financial loss or distress.

Now, Your Lawyers, a firm based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, has offered to help people who had their full names and contact details released get up to £5,000 each.

The law firm says a Group Compensation Action could force the company to cough up thousands of pounds per customer for undue financial and emotional distress.

Virgin Media blamed the error on the negligence of a staff member who did not follow correct procedures.

But Your Lawyers director Aman Johal said: ‘Virgin Media failed to take the steps required to keep customer data safe. It is vital for the company to understand the severity of this breach.

“When data is left exposed online it is open season for fraudsters to scam and attack vulnerable people. Our claimant base is growing daily. We urge anyone affected by the breach to make a claim as soon as possible.”

“Even though the breach occurred due to “human error”, we must hold Virgin Media to account,” he added.

The law firm is also representing victims of the British Airways breach, although out of the thousands who have signed up to no win, no fee firms, at the last count, just 230 had briefed Your Lawyers.

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