AMILI #poopsaveslives: No way that this is a stinker

Poop1Never let it be said that we are, like some magazines, obsessed with London; from Bath, Bristol and Brighton to Manchester, Leeds and Norwich, we like to spread the love. But this week we are going even further afield and heading to Southeast Asia.

You see, while it is common knowledge that blood and organ donations can save lives, what is not as well known is that poop can save lives too. That is precisely what precision gut microbiome company Asian Microbiome Library (AMILI) wants Singaporeans to know.

AMILI is partnering the National University Health System (NUHS) to advance microbiome science for human health in a number of research collaborations including for cancer, heart and liver diseases and it operates Singapore’s and Southeast Asia’s first “stool bank” – yep, you read that correctly – for life-saving transplants.

It is also a databank which serves as a hub for gut innovation and therapy. The campaign, devised by Wunderman Thompson Singapore, aims to get people in Singapore to share what happens behind the toilet door and donate their stool.

The campaign centres around euphemisms such as “answering nature’s call” and “sitting on the throne” and are designed to encourage people to make their “donation”.

The campaign will run in train stations and bus shelters, and, most importantly, in loos across the island in May. Targeted ads are also running on social media platforms under the tag #poopsaveslives.

AMILI chief executive officer and co-founder Dr Jeremy Lim said: “Wunderman Thompson has been a marvellous partner to work with. Its creativity and enthusiasm are infectious and invaluable to the campaign’s success. Wunderman Thompson has galvanised AMILI staff and partners to challenge ourselves and be even bolder in public engagement.”

Wunderman Thompson business lead Tajinder Taak added: “AMILI’s vision for the healthcare Industry in Southeast Asia is a noble one, and we are pleased to have been able to pull together our creative, data and technical know-how to create awareness for an important topic such as this.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, it’s fair to say that a lot of advertising and marketing is pretty crap – and this could easily have been a stinker – but hats off to Wunderman Thompson Singapore for getting the balance right. We do wonder, however, why the UK hasn’t got a similar programme.

Mind you, you have to feel for the testers; they will be knee deep in it, if the campaign is a big hit.

Decision Marketing Adometer: An “if you like this, check out the Bristol Tool Chart” 9 out of 10

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