Audi, The Drive: A road to nowhere or highway to hell?

audi roadLonging for the days when you could jump in the motor, open the sunroof, put on some tunes and hit the open road? Well, help is at hand in the form of a new ad campaign for Audi. OK, it’s actually designed for the Australian market but it is just as relevant for Brits as we struggle to come to terms with being stuck in all day.

To be fair “all day” is the idea for this film, too, as it is four hours long. Yep, you read that correctly, it’s FOUR HOURS LONG. Still, according to the blurb at least, it is designed to have a relaxing effect by taking viewers out to the New South Wales Central Tablelands.

Devised by Audi and We Are Social Australia, the film is directed by Luke Bouchier at Finch and promotes the Audi A6 Sedan. To add to the ambience, it uses multiple camera angles, to mimic the visuals of driving. A musical score has also been created by composer John Hassell from his studio in Marseille, France.

Audi Australia chief customer and marketing officer Nikki Warburton said: “During this difficult time for many of us, Audi wanted to create an innovative way of bringing the iconic Australian road-trip to people in their homes.

“The Drive is a digital concept that allows customers to experience the pleasure of the open road from the confines of their home, and to hopefully offer Australians some tranquillity and mental wellbeing during these uncertain and unsettling times.”

We Are Social executive creative director Edu Pou said teamwork is at the heart of film: “Not only has our partnership with production house Finch been fantastic, but the passion from the team at Audi has been key to driving this project forward. Literally – our client is the one behind the wheel in this film.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office? Did we really watch the whole four hours? Will we be rushing out to book an Audi test drive once the lockdown is over? Are we pining for an Aussie road-trip now we’ve taken in the Antipodean terrain?

Well, not really. To be fair, if we had a spare four hours, we probably wouldn’t spend it watching an Audi driver, cruising through what seems like quite boring scenery (sorry Aussies). After all, Audi lovers are not exactly known for their graciousness on the road, either. There is even a dedicated YouTube channel to prove it.

And if we had that amount of spare time, we would be far more likely to watch a decent film. The Godfather, maybe, which runs to 2 hours 58 minutes, or even the Godfather Part II (3 hours 22 mins), Apocalypse Now (2 hours 33 mins), Taxi Driver (1 hour 54 mins) and Psycho (1 hour 49 mins) or even the last two back to back.

Decision Marketing Adometer: a long and winding 6 out of 10

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