Camden Town Brewery: Free beer? What’s not to like?

camdenAh Camden Town; home to the Roundhouse, the Jazz Café, the open air market full of tat, London Zoo, the Amy Winehouse statue…and Camden Town Brewery, of course, which this week launched a new TV campaign offering – wait for it, wait for it – FREE BEER.

Dubbed “the world’s first TV ad you can (kind of) drink”, the latest activity from Wieden + Kennedy London and Bountiful Cow, features an animated cast of fictional “brewers”, inspired by the beer team (not too sure what they’ve been drinking, but, hey, let’s go with the flow).

It is set during a staff meeting, in which the cast is informed that “2020 is bad”, and one suggests that to cheer people up they should start giving their beer away. Cue “Half Pint”, who flips between the optimism of a glass half full to the pessimism of a glass half empty; then “Pub Cat”, who identifies as 5% cat and 95% Glaswegian with a strange fascination of QR codes; chips in too and they all vote in favour of the grand giveaway.

All illustrations have been created by Guy Field, Sophie Koko Gate, José Fatkinson and Bridget Meyne, who hail from the Blink animation studio, based in Camden.

To be in with a chance of winning some “fresh, never pasteurised Camden Hells Lager” delivered straight to their door, viewers just need to keep an eye out for the QR codes in the ad and scan them with their phone cameras.

There are 6, 12 and 24 packs to be won, making a grand total of 45,000 free beers, which viewers can redeem, immediately, to enjoy with their mates… at a distance.

Described as the lovechild of the founders’ two favourite German beer styles – Helles and Pilsner, the brewery says “Hells Lager is clean, crisp and dry, it’s the beer we always wanted to drink and the reason we started our brewery”.

Founder Jasper Cuppaidge said: “2020 has been a tough year for everyone… we wanted to give back to the great British public by offering them the chance to (finally!) share a free, fresh and socially distanced beer with friends. We know it’s a small gesture, but we hope to bring some much needed cheers in the very best way we know how – with fresh beer.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

FREE BEER, what’s not to like? OK, the ad is a little bizarre, a bit Scooby Doo meets Yellow Submarine on the set of Family Guy but we like a bit of quirky and it certainly stands out from the male celebrity-fronted dross that seems to be stock in trade for beer advertising.

So, we’ll happily raise a glass or two, cheer up folks, IT’S FREE…

Decision Marketing Adometer: A glug till the cows come home 8½ out of 10

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