Co-op Community 2.0: A Supersonic Christmas treat

co-op2With Christmas fast approaching – we promise – what better time than to get Biblical and channel the sibling rivalry of Cain and Abel? You see, this week we’re heading into Noel and Liam territory with the release of the second ad in the Co-op Group’s winter 2020 campaign, featuring classic Oasis track Round Are Way.

Devised once again by Lucky Generals, the ad kicks off with two real-life brothers, Austin, 12, and Rocco, six, at home, when a radio newsreader states: “Ministers have announced that Christmas will be different this year for thousands of us.”

Austin then gets up, grabs a guitar case and puts on his coat, at which point his younger brother says: “Can I come?”. Initially, Austin looks less than pleased at the prospect of taking Rocco with him and gives out a huge sigh, then the film cuts to a scene of them rushing along the road as Austin impatiently urges his sibling to “Come on…”

They eventually end up outside a Co-op store, as Austin grabs his guitar and starts busking the Oasis community “anthem”. They start tentatively but gain confidence as more people stop to listen and eventually the brothers belt out the track, in a manner to do Oasis proud.

Afterwards, the small crowd applaud and cheer, while one man offers the lads some money. However, they turn the offer of cash down, and instead head home. The final shot shows them arm in arm as Rocco turns to his elder brother and says “It were good, weren’t it?”, to which Austin responds “Yeah”.

The ad, which launched on YouTube, is designed to celebrate that anyone can do their bit to help their local community and spread some festive cheer.

The film has both a 30- and 60-second version playing out across December, while a feature length 100 second version can be viewed on the Co-op’s YouTube channel. The overall campaign includes a media partnership with Global, alongside multichannel activities across traditional, digital and social media.

Co-op customer director Ali Jones said: “It’s been a tough year and our Christmas advert aims to raise a smile and, maybe even bring a tear to the eye. I love its simple and easy portrayal of how special moments can happen when family, community and goodwill come together.”

Lucky Generals creative director Danny Hunt added: “Co-op has been making a difference to local communities forever. It’s what they do. So, we decided to tell the story of these rascals. The brothers have nothing but a guitar, a Santa hat and a pocket full of swagger and in singing this track remind the whole street that regardless of what may be this Christmas: The sun still shines, the birds still sing and no matter who we are, we can all make a difference.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, we gave the first in this series top marks because, in our humble opinion at least, it feels authentic, timely, and genuine. And, to be fair, this film has those same qualities, with the added bonus of the eldest brother overcoming his impatience with his seemingly annoying younger sibling for the sake of “community”.

The thing is, it doesn’t need all the Christmas razzamataz, baubles, piles of fake snow, or even a singing carrot to get its message across. In fact, it could actually teach the warring Gallaghers a thing or two about brotherly love as well.

Decision Marketing Adometer: A “Roll With It” 10 out of 10

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