DHSC ‘Let’s keep going’: Light at the end of the tunnel?

covid.nJust when we thought the end was in sight and that life will be getting back to the “new normal” – or far more likely just the “old normal” with a summer of messy partying – out comes a new ad campaign to encourage people to keep staying at home until the Covid restrictions can be lifted.

With England’s stay-at-home order remaining in place until at least March 29, despite the minor easing of restrictions and the return of schools on March 8, the Department of Health & Social Care is urging the public to “keep going”.

While transmission rates decline, the number of Covid jabs continues to rise and the roadmap out of lockdown has been published, the campaign acknowledges how difficult the latest measures have been but highlights their effectiveness with falling infection rates and successful vaccine roll-out.

Devised by Mullen Lowe and running across TV, radio, out-of-home advertising and on social media, the ad is backed by a solemn soundtrack and depicts various lockdown scenarios, from people staying at home and washing their hands to chatting online and getting the jab. The voiceover states: “Every sacrifice. Every day at home. Every covered face. Every wipe. Every step aside. Every 20 seconds. Every friend unhugged. Everything we are doing is helping stop the spread of Covid-19. Let’s keep going.”

Health & Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said: “The British resolve during this pandemic has been astounding. We’ve all pulled together to help each other out. I know it’s been a long year but we can’t let up now. Everything we’re doing is bringing us one step closer to beating this virus.

“The vaccine roll-out is going extremely well and is saving lives – but it is not the only way we will reduce infection rates and be able to get back to normality.

“So let’s keep going. I encourage everyone to keep playing their part and stay at home – keep washing your hands, wearing a mask and maintaining a social distance which will ensure that, together, we beat this.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, first up, poor old Mullen Lowe; it has be recognised they have had the brief from hell over the past year but hopefully they too are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Not that there’s much light in this ad and the doom and gloom approach is hardly going to do much to lift the nation’s spirits. But, hey, it’s a global pandemic so there’s not that much to laugh about. All we can hope is that people will “keep going” and then we can all have that “summer of fun”.

In the meantime, roll on March 29…

Decision Marketing Adometer: A “keep on, keeping on” 7 out of 10

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