Diet Coke ‘Just Because’: It’s sorted for Es and fizz

diet cokeAnd so to Diet Coke’s new ad campaign, “Just Because”, the first work for the brand by an impressive line-up of one of adland’s favourites, Droga5 London, Oscar nominated director Autumn de Wilde and Grammy Award winning artist Thundercat. Impressive, hey?

But there’s more. According to the official blurb, the ad is “designed to honour the mischievous and light-hearted mindset of its fans, all wrapped in Diet Coke’s glistening silver branding. Shining a light on individual authenticity, the campaign celebrates the positive and unapologetic attitude of the brand’s fans who love what they love and don’t justify doing things their way”.

It adds: “It takes people on a journey through the unashamed and self-confident Just Because mentality – from popping to the corner shop in pajamas to taking a bra off at the end of a long day – and showcases some of modern life’s most relatable Just Because moments.”

Backed by a Thundercat remake of the classic Just for the taste of it jingle that launched the brand in the 1980s, the TV activity will be supported by outdoor, social, digital, PR and POS executions, as well as online activations.

Diet Coke’s senior brand manager Amber Topalcik appears pretty chuffed with the work. She said: “We are really excited to announce the launch of Diet Coke’s new campaign. With a broad, passionate, and loyal fanbase, this campaign celebrates them – people that challenge and embrace their lives in a positive way, with the confidence to do things their own way, Just Because.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, for a brand that will forever be associated with the Diet Coke Break campaign, centring around a group of women ogling a topless “hunk” to the Etta James’ classic I Just Want to Make Love to You, this is certainly quite a departure.

And, to be fair, the ad is way better than the press release would have you believe, with all its nonsense about “individual authenticity” and “unashamed and self-confident Just Because mentality”. However, the drink itself is still just fizzy gloop with more additives than you can shake a stick at, including colour (caramel E150d), acids (citric acid, phosphoric acid), sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame K), caffeine and acidity regulator (sodium citrate) – among others.

If you’re happy pouring that lot down your neck, then it’s all good. We prefer more natural drinks “Just Because” but, hey, each to their own…

Decision Marketing Adometer: A “just don’t mention it’s highly addictive, too” 7 out of 10

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