Experian Boost: Perfectly timed for a Christmas on tick

experian boostAs the festive season gets into full swing – well, that is what every retailer under the sun is hoping anyway – many consumers may be wondering how they are going to pay for it all.

Enter the multi-billion pound credit industry, whose major players know they are guaranteed a Christmas bonus as cash-strapped shoppers are forced to put everything “the never never”.

And, as market leader, Experian is as keen as mustard – or should that be cranberry sauce? – to ensure its voice is heard. So, the likes of M&S’s Skye and Nathan, Boots’ Bags of Joy and Aldi’s Dickensian tale of Ebanana Scrooge and Marcus Radishford are being joined by a new timely campaign for Experian Boost.

Launched last year, the service allows customers to connect the bank accounts and cards they use to pay their monthly bills so that their payment history can be added to their Experian credit file.

The ultimate aim is for customers to use these every day financial transactions to instantly increase their credit scores.

The launch campaign, by BBH London, kicked off this time last year. It featured a lone astronaut preparing for take off but just as his spaceship is about to leave the ground the scene cuts to the same man sitting in a dentist’s chair, explaining how he has improved his credit score using Experian Boost.

The agency’s new campaign takes a similar theme, this time featuring a man sitting with his gold fish in a deathly quiet vet’s waiting room. As he turns on Experian Boost on his mobile, his credit score rockets and so does he as bursts through the ceiling on a 7G ride into space. The voiceover states: “Grab that Boost high. Instantly boost your credit score for free, only with Experian.”

The TV sot will be backed by VOD, radio, social, and digital outdoor executions, featuring animated characters whose heads appear to be rocketing off their bodies.

Experian Consumer Services head of brand and acquisition Nick Forsythe reckons the campaign shows how helpful Experian can be: “We want to help as many people as possible across the UK increase their credit scores by using Experian Boost and make access to credit more inclusive.

“The new campaign reflects our determination to grow awareness of this ground-breaking service further, by bringing to life in a fun way the joy that people get from a Boost and seeing their credit score soar.”

BBH creative director Uche Ezugwu added: “Experian Boost is such a simple and compelling feature that the strategy didn’t need to be overthought. Our new campaign aims to bring the feeling of using Boost to life in a fun and attention-grabbing way.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, here at the Decision Marketing Nerve Centre, we like to follow the old mantra of “neither a borrower nor a lender be” but even we need to go cap in hand to the bank sometimes.

And, to be fair, this campaign does what it sets out to do, gets the simple message across with little fuss and sits well with the launch activity. For many people, Experian Boost will be a god-send at this time of year, because they will feel pressure to spend money they don’t have and that is very depressing.

Of course, Experian tries to justify this by claiming it wants to make access to credit more inclusive. Next thing, they will be telling us they are caring, sharing, and helping to save the planet, too.

Decision Marketing Adometer: A “don’t mention the ICO legal case” 6½ out of 10

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