Ginsters Cornish Pasty: A helping of comfort and joy?

ginstersAs lockdown 2.0 spreads like a middle-age man’s belly, here at the Decision Marketing Nerve Centre we are already hunkering down and stocking up for winter, and what could possibly be more comforting than a pasty? If it was good enough for hard-working tin miners, fishermen and farmers back in the day, it has got to be good enough for us pampered office whallas hasn’t it?

And, luckily, help is at hand from Ginsters, Cornwall’s biggest pasty maker, which is back on TV with a new ad campaign. Devised by Red Brick Road – surely the perfect brief for co-owner and executive creative director Richard ‘Big Dickie’ Megson? – it is the brand’s first TV ad in five years.

To the accompaniment of what sounds like a Fisherman’s Friends sea shanty, the ad kicks off with a vegetable farmer as he delivers potatoes sourced from Cornwall to the Ginsters bakery.

He is then seen taking in the surf with his mates, before they all tuck in to his produce which has been rolled up in puff pastry along with the classic ingredients of wheat flour, British beef (15%), vegetable oil, water, onion, swede, beef fat, salt, cornflour, egg, milk, pepper, dried onion, sugar, mustard, dried leeks, coriander and turmeric.

According to the blurb, the ad is designed to champion the quality of Ginsters’ ingredients while capturing the “ruggedness of Cornwall and the deliciousness” of Ginsters’ products (did you write this too, Dickie?).

A shorter, 10-second version of the ad also features the company’s Vegan Moroccan Vegetable Pasty and Frozen Cornish Pasties.

Ginsters’ managing director Kieran Hemsworth is, perhaps unsurprisingly, decidedly upbeat about the campaign, explaining that after such a long break from TV advertising the brand “wanted to return with a big impact”.

He added: “Cornwall is our heritage, our inspiration; the advert is a celebration of that inextricable link and evokes the joy of biting into a freshly baked Ginsters Cornish Pasty, whether you’re coming in from the surf with wet hair and salty skin or at home enjoying a working lunch.

“As we continue to support the Cornish economy and local communities during these challenging times, we hope the ad campaign will deliver positive exposure for Cornwall and showcase the quality for which we are so proud.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Will this ad get us rushing to bulk buy before they all get snapped up in the new wave of panic buying? Does it trump M&C Saatchi’s previous “feed the man” strategy? Will the 344kcal per pasty fit into our new Covid diet plan?

Why, it’s a yes, yes, and yes, of course.

Over the years, Ginsters has done a great job building itself into “the home of the pasty”, considering it was only set up in 1969 by dairy farmer Geoffery Ginster. The family had previously been horse shit suppliers to the foundries, based in West Bromwich.

Ginsters claims its Original Cornish Pasty is the biggest selling product in the savoury pastry market, with 450 million of them being sold over the past 25 years, so it must be doing something right.

This new ad strategy plays heavily on Cornish heritage, and is lot better for it. You get “authenticity” as well as the joys of Cornwall, in just 60 seconds. Now, any chance of a few freebies Dickie?

Decision Marketing Adometer: A “450 million-strong” 9 out of 10

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