Institute of Coding ‘404 Not Found’: Why so serious?

IOCWith consumers being encouraged to use the Covid-19 lockdown to explore fresh horizons, get creative and learn new skills, the Institute of Coding – yep, there is such a thing – is aiming to jump aboard with the launch of a new content series and virtual coding club to encourage people from all backgrounds to be part of a diverse digital future.

The IoC’s CTRL Your Future campaign, which launched in October last year, is designed to kick-start a new era for the digital sector, which – much like adland – has been dominated by the male, pale and stale brigade for far too many years.

This next phase, the “404 Not Found” video series devised by Karmarama, explores key issues such as artificial intelligence bias, sustainable fashion and accessible gaming – and launches a virtual coding club for young people to learn vital skills online.

The docu-style interviews, developed with all-female team Girls in Film, focus on the views and experiences of thought leaders within their industries, highlighting deeply-rooted issues and how these can be addressed through better diversity and inclusion in the digital sector.

And at a time when young people are working or studying at home, the IoC has also joined up with web developer Rifke Sadleir to launch ‘The IoCoding Club’ – a virtual club to encourage online learning and at-home tutorials which explore the world of coding.

The tutorials are intended to help teach beginners and more experienced coders alike to learn essential skills. The online sessions launched in late-April and will be available to access on the IoC’s Instagram account.

Karmarama creative director Jamie Mancini said: “The series is about confronting uncomfortable societal truths. The tech world is just as much a part of our culture as Marmite or Brexit and throws up the same heated debates. We didn’t shy away from the issues but tackled them head-on, hearing the voices of the people on the front-line within those spaces who are changing things for the better.”

IoC director Rachid Hourizi added: “At a time when more people are exploring online learning and digital skills, it is important that we showcase the best talent within the industry to inspire a larger and more diverse group of people to consider digital courses.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, at the risk of being picky, why is it all so serious? We know the tech industry has an inclusion problem but it is also supposed to be a fun and lively sector to work in. Not that you would get that from these films, which are all a little too sincere and worthy for our liking.

Maybe, just maybe, we are out of touch with the target audience, although, the last time we looked, Generation Zers laughed and joked and everything.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not being frivolous and we recognise this is a pressing issue but if you can’t make working in gaming and fashion look attractive what hope have you got?

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