Marketing Metrix opens health tool for war on Covid-19

coronavirus11Government departments are being offered a new health and well-being data tool – developed by data science consultancy Marketing Metrix – free of charge to help them target the UK’s most vulnerable consumers with assistance during the Covid-19 crisis.

The scheme, dubbed “Vigor”, has been created by the consultancy’s statisticians, and features detailed information about consumers’ relationships with health and vitality. It divides the UK population into 18 distinct segments, from Wellbeing Warriors to Cheerless Carnivores.

The tool also cuts the data by specific health and well-being factors – such as sufferers of type 2 diabetes, smokers and those with restricted mobility – which is being made available with the aim of helping Government organisations improve targeting of those most at risk as a result of the pandemic.

Marketing Metrix founder and CEO Bill Portlock believes Vigor data can strengthen the Government’s efforts to assist those most in need. He said: “Lots of businesses have come forward offering help to the Government as it seeks to protect the most vulnerable people in our society.

“Vigor is a powerful new health-related segmentation tool that identifies all aspects of consumers’ relationships with health and well-being. It provides an overall understanding of how individuals interact with and aim to improve their current and future health, physical activity, eating habits and body maintenance.”

Vigor was developed to be used across most industry sectors, including health, beauty, FMCG, retail, leisure and government.

Portlock added: “We’ve seen news coverage about the Government seeking ways to better target those who are most in need of support with regard to the pandemic and we thought it was only right that we offer to augment existing public health data with the in-depth information available through Vigor.”

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