Joules and Woodland Trust: Let’s hear it for the trees

woodlandJarvis Cocker might once have scolded them as “the trees, those useless trees” but here in the Decision Marketing Nerve Centre we are big fans; from the Awesome Alder, Beautiful Beech and Charming Chestnut to the Mesmerising Monkey Puzzle, the Mighty Oak and the Sensational Sycamore, what’s not to like?

And, although we hardly fall into the “huntin’, shootin’, fishin'” camp, this week we are going wild in the country with British clothing brand Joules, which has joined forces with charity the Woodland Trust to help its customers give back to the environment this Christmas.

Following the launch of its festive Woodland Edit, which offers a range of products inspired by the countryside, Joules has committed to plant a tree with the Woodland Trust for every one of the collection’s products sold during the Christmas period.

The initiative champions Joules’ pledge to plant 250,000 trees by 2022 and supports the Woodland Trust’s campaign to plant 50 million new trees by 2025. As the charity points out, this would be a fifth of what the Government’s Committee for Climate Change says is needed to meet the country’s 2050 net zero carbon emission target – and, to be fair, it is a lot more realistic than its plans for battery operated cars.

To back the launch, Joules has unveiled a new animation, A Woodland Tale, which aims to raise awareness of the Woodland Trust, as well as promote the need to give back to nature.

The 40-second film features a young girl who, having seen a large pine tree felled for Christmas, decides instead to decorate the trees in a copse near her home. And, by doing so, she also saves the natural habitat of endangered species such as the red squirrel, pine marten, capercaillie and door mouse who all make an appearance.

Joules chief executive Nick Jones said: “The past challenging months have led all of us to enjoy the great outdoors more than ever. At Joules we feel passionately about protecting it for generations to come.”

Woodland Trust director of fundraising Karl Mitchell added: “We have pledged to plant 50 million trees by 2025 but will not be able to achieve this on our own – we need the support of businesses, schools, communities and the Government. These trees from Joules will be a vital step to helping us achieve this aim and will bring some festive cheer to such a difficult year.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, either we’re going a bit soft in the head or the festive spirit (ie, the festive booze) is making us all “emosh”, but this film seems to have won us over. It’s a simple enough message but one that seems to resonate well.

Trees have always been revered for centuries, from the ancient Celts and Greeks to the sacred groves of China, India and Africa, they play a role in many of the world’s mythologies and religions. Even Jarvis is a big fan really.

Oh yeah and trees can also help save the world from the Climate Emergency, too. So, what are we all waiting for?

Decision Marketing Adometer: A “root and branch” 9 out of 10

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